Ladies Circle is a modern, vibrant club for women just like you!


With members aged 18 to 45, we want to offer the best opportunity for young women to connect with each other, have a great time and get involved in social projects.


Circlers first join us because they want to make new friends, spend a good time and put something back into the community at the same time.

They stay because what they find is a cordially community, a perfect group of friends from all walks of life and an amazing spirit they will never miss it again.


The first Luxembourgish Ladies’ Circle was formed in 2005 and two more clubs were created in 2011.


Join us now and what you’ll find is an open and amazing club that can’t wait to welcome you.

Souvill Fraen baieneen an keen Gesteppels, dat huet mech faszinéiert
Stéphanie, 31

service and friendship

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