The Ladies Circle Luxembourg

Ladies Circle 1 Luxembourg (LCL1) was chartered on 2nd April 2005. With the support of LC Sweden, our international godmother,  “friendship and service” has been the moving spirit.

In April 2011, two more Circles were chartered – Ladies Circle 2 Aline de St-Hubert (LCL2) and Ladies Circle 3 Eisléck (LCL3).


Ladies Circle Luxembourg includes women aged between 18 and 45 years with a wide range of different occupations and backgrounds.

Like Luxembourg, the LCL is very international with members of different origins. Diversity is one of our strengths, and we all share the open-mindedness and love of new challenges that make the LCL such a great group of Ladies.

After a guest-period, interested women can apply for full membership. Every Lady pays a monthly fee which is used to finance projects and expenses.


Common to all the Ladies is the will to put their energy and resources together to realize social projects while having a good time. Charity projects are often dedicated to national purposes.

Fundraising projects include e.g. selling of olive oil, champagne stoppers, greeting cards, nail files, cycling bells… . In addition, Circlers also support charity events like ‘Laaf fir den Broschtkriebs’ or “24 Stonnelaaf – Télévie”. On an international level, LCL is supporting the ISP.


Besides age, another main criteria for joining is being an open minded person looking for new contacts and challenges.

The program of each Ladies Circle is as various as its members are…

The social events may include theatre, cinema, party, wine tasting or international visits and conferences. Place and time of the local meetings depend mostly on the Circle, they are monthly either in a restaurant or at the place of a LC member.


Every Lady has her own motivation to join. It can be the stimulating atmosphere of new friends, the excitement of new activities or it may just be a sense of achievement that you have helped others by contributing to the social projects and fundraising with fun and friendship.

So different motivations may guide you to the Ladies Circle but once in its cordially community and taken by its amazing spirit you will never miss it again.